About the Course Sessions

VERY IMPORTANT! BEFORE attending a course you MUST register for Introductory Membership with British Fencing (click here). This is free and will give you 90 days insurance protection. Make sure you select Wellesbourne sword Club as your affiliated club for this to be valid for the course.

As with most sports, you need to be moderately fit and agile in order to maximise your enjoyment and reduce the risk of injury. Warming up, fencing oriented exercises & hydration are covered during the course.

All necessary equipment is provided, in the most common sizes, for the courses but it is impossible to guarantee everybody kit that fits comfortably. Protective gear is not actually required in Session 1 (or Taster Sessions) so in some circumstances we may be able to buy additional kit before Session 2. Exceptionally large people may need to purchase their own equipment as we do not stock extra large sizes. If you think you might fall into this category then please make a note on the registration form or check with us beforehand!

You will need to wear a T-shirt, indoor training shoes and loose fitting trousers such as tracksuit bottoms. Spectacles can be worn. Proper hydration is very important so please make sure you bring a drink with you.

Do not worry if you have to miss a session due to other commitments or illness. Pupils progress at different rates at different times so we do our best to ensure that there is enough time for everybody and to accommodate the unforeseen. We want you to fence!

Important: Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Refunds are not normally available within 7 days of the start of the course. Therefore if you drop out after the start of the course, for any reason, you are unlikely to get a refund. This is due to high demand for the courses as you would be denying somebody else a place.

How to find us

Click on the blue car above to open Google Maps in a new window then enter your location for driving directions to Hazlemere Community Centre. Google Maps will also give directions for public transport and on foot.