Fencing Licences and Insurance.

Wellesbourne sword club is an affiliated member of British Fencing, member number 4055.


At the most basic level, the Club,  its officers and members are protected by the British Fencing insurance policy for Club activities and those sanctioned by British Fencing, provided that members do not breech Health and Safety protocols. We emphasise the duty of mutual care from Day 1.


However, we ask that the minimum Licence with an individual level of insurance cover of "social membership" of British Fencing should also be taken up  by all members of the Club.

 This licence, with a level of cover, also allows you to fence as a guest in other UK clubs and compete in local friendly matches and local competitions as you improve.


Later, you may need  full individual membership of BFA , which allows you to fence in Open Competitions in the UK and some European Countries. For competition at the highest levels internationally you need membership of the international federation, the FIE.


The Club cannot provide membership of British Fencing and individuals should visit the British Fencing website where they can obtain membership direct.

Insurance Certificate


Click on the icon above to see the British Fencing insurance certificate.