Wellesbourne sword club is an affiliated member of British Fencing, member number 4055.

All club members of British Fencing and their officers and members are protected by the British Fencing insurance policy for Club activities and those sanctioned by British Fencing PROVIDED they have also joined as members of British Fencing.

Therefore all members, beginners and any guests fencing at the Club MUST have CURRENT membership of British Fencing in their own right to gain full insurance protection before fencing at the Club. Beginners wishing to attend courses can obtain free 90 day introductory membership of British Fencing here. In all cases please ensure that Wellesbourne Sword Club is selected as the affiliated club to gain protection.

The Club cannot provide membership of British Fencing and individuals should visit British Fencing's membership page where they can obtain details of the types of membership direct from British Fencing. For most Club members we believe that Recreational Membership is the most appropriate for ongoing non-competitive membership.

British Fencing Insurance Overview


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