The Aims of Wellesbourne Sword Club

Extract from our Constitution approved on 12/12/02

" 2.       Aims of the Club

2.1.   The Club shall be concerned with competitive and recreational fencing in the High Wycombe local area.

2.2.   The Club is affiliated to the British Fencing Association however the Club remains an independent organisation able to conduct its own affairs.

2.3.   To publicise and promote fencing at all levels and with all three recognized weapons.

2.4.   To organise an annual closed competition for Club Members and such open competitions as the Club shall determine.

2.5.   To encourage and support other fencing competitions especially local events and team matches."

At Wellesbourne we are very active in doing everything we can to meet the aims stated above, for example, by:

  • Running regular courses for Beginners
  • Working closely with coaches at local schools
  • Helping younger fencers that are ready to move on to an "adult" club
  • Encouraging our fencers of all abilities to enter competitions
  • Running our own inter-club team competition, the Wellesbourne Team Trophy
  • Linking through the Flying Friendship Cup with clubs abroad

Club Constitution


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