WSC Fencing Session Registration

To comply with COVID-19 rules you MUST request and receiving confirmation of prior approval from the Club's COVID-19 Officer BEFORE attending any of the Thursday fencing sessions. This will be in the form of a confirmation email.

You MUST also comply with all current COVID-19 regulations relating to fencing and you will be refused entrance to the session if you fail to receive approval or do not comply with any other COVID-19 rule or regulation. You may therefore be rquired to wear a facemask as well as a fencing mask, social distance, and provide a "Covid passport" depending on the regulations in force at the time of your visit.

Numbers are currently limited to 6 per session (8:15pm to 9:45pm) per piste so you may only book one session at a time. The closing time for booking each session will be 6pm on the preceding Wednesday.

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