Flying Friendship Cup in Montparnasse

Travel By Air

British Airways, Air France & BMI fly direct to Paris Charles de Gaulle out of London Heathrow. Beware of stopovers if looking at bucket shops and flight websites for other carriers & airports! There is an Air France bus that goes to the Gare de Montparnasse from the terminal building. There are also several trains an hour to the city centre. Click here for a link to the Paris airports website.

Fencing bags will normally have to be specially checked in as oversize baggage, possibly at extra charge, so check with your airline & arrive at Check-In a bit earlier than usual. Most airlines treat fencing kit as sporting equipment and again an extra charge may apply.

Travel By Train

Eurostar run 5 trains a day from London St.Pancras to the Gare du Nord in the city centre and from the Gare du Nord it is a short Metro ride to Montparnasse.

The problem with Eurostar is their baggage policy which is similar to the airlines. Weapons or oversize (more than 85cms long) bags have to be sent as registered baggage at extra charge. This has to be checked in separately & Eurostar will only guarantee that it will be available for collection at the destination within 24 hours. It all depends on baggage demand for that train. However, if you are sensible and check in early your kit will normally arrive on the same train as you but do be prepared for a wait at the other end. If somebody is going by car to Paris ask them if they can take your weapons/kit for safety

Travel By Road

Ferries from Dover to Calais or the Eurotunnel service are probably the best options for travel by road. And there will be no baggage problems!

The Dover ferry takes 1.5 hours and the motorway route from Calais will take around 3 hours to Paris. P & O Ferries operate a no extra charge policy for late check-in provided you arrive no more than 2 hours late.

Crossing by Eurotunnel takes only 35 minutes followed by the same drive.

Les Duellistes

Les Duellistes, formerly fencing as Aeroports de Paris, are our hosts in Montparnasse. They are based in the excellently equipped fencing salle situated in the basement of the Tour de Montparnasse.

For a link to Les Duellistes website please CLICK HERE.