The Flying Friendship Cup

This is an international invitational club competition inaugurated with an airline theme (see Andrew Brown's history link). In 2011 the founder clubs recognised that they and their members now have at best only tenous links to any airline. Up until then Wellesbourne Sword Club fielded teams under the pseudonym "British Airways". In view of the many friendships made, both recently and over many years, it was decided to continue the competition under the same name and principles but dropping the airline connection. By doing this it is our hope that this unique international, invitational, inter-club team event will continue for many years, outliving the current participants and their clubs, to encourage our newer and younger members to fence abroad, making new friends and exploring each others' countries.

The Flying Friendship Cup takes it in turns to visit the host's home country. In 2013 Wellesbourne Sword Club hosted the competition in High Wycombe. See the link for details and results. It will be Maison de l'Escrime's turn to host the 2014 event so we will be going to Brussels to compete on Saturday 21st June 2014.  We will be sending 2 teams in each of the four weapons to fence for the FFC and there will be also be a number of individual fencers joining in from the participating clubs.

The competition is traditionally held around on a Saturday around the last week of May or first week in June. There is a Gala Dinner and prize-giving on the same Saturday evening with each host club doing its best to find a venue to outdo the one before!

Please e-mail Quentin Clarke if you would like to be in our teams, fence as an individual or just tag along for the trip.  WAGs & HABs are welcome!


Wellesbourne Sword Club's 2nd team (BA2) won the trophy in 2013 for the first time in 20 years.